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How to Choose a New Set of Car Tires

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Too many people don't place enough importance on the maintenance of their car's tires. As long as the tires aren't flat and the car can ride smoothly enough most people take car tires for granted.
But take a moment to think about this: the tires are the only part of your car that actually comes into contact with the road, this makes them extremely important when it comes to safety. When you're looking to buy a new set of tires you really need to take the style of tire into consideration. Not to mention that if you know what the right kind of tire is for your car you'll be able to quickly replace them should you ever suffer a blowout or other issue.
Just a little bit of research is required to find out what kind of tire is right for your model of vehicle. The first factor you need to consider is size. Take a look at the numbers on the tires currently on your car and write them down, this can give you a lot of information. Each number is the size of the tire in inches followed by its serial number.
Most cars will use 13 to 17 inch tires, trucks and SUVs tend to use a slightly larger size of about 22 inches. The size is important so that it fits the rims and wheel wells that control your tires.
The internet is a good place to start when you want to compare brands. There are also a number of consumer product testing websites out there that can help you find the most durable and reliable brand of tire. You can usually rely on your local auto center to have the type of tire you need in stock, or at least know where you can go to get it. You could also speak to an auto mechanic that you trust and get his or her opinion on which style of tire would be best for your vehicle.
Once your new tires are installed you need to make sure that you maintain them properly. Regular tire rotations are a must, you should do this every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or can choose to do so whenever you have your oil changed.
Tire rotations ensure an even wear of the tire tread which ensures they grip the roads smoothly. You'll also want to examine your tires yourself on a regular basis. Make sure there are no bumps in the tires themselves. Such bumps or bulges indicate a weakened area which could cause a tire blowout.
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Buying Car Tires - What You Need to Consider

Car tires are one of the most important safety features of a car. Aside from safe driving, good tires ensure the safety of the passengers.
Tires need replacement. They get usually worn out because of a number of reasons. One of these would be the condition of the road. If roads traveled are rough, then, obviously, the tires are easily worn out. Second, the frequency of travel counts. The more the car is used definitely means the more the wheels become worn out.
When are you suppose to replace them? One common method of determining when to replace tires is the penny test. To perform this test, insert a penny into the tire's tread. Take note of Lincoln's image in the penny. If Lincoln's head disappear, your tires are still good. If Lincoln's head in the penny does not appear, they need to be replaced. All tires must be checked using the penny method.
What do you consider when buying car tires? One should look into the size of the wheel and type of vehicle when choosing new wheels. Also, consider the terrain usually being traveled. The weather in your place should also be taken into account when choosing replacements. There are those that are fitted for the snow and tires for rainy conditions. However, to play safe, many car owners purchase the all season tires.
If you are purchasing car tires, you should also consult and seek advice from a mechanic or a car enthusiast. These are the people who are adept in this area. Also remember, that when buying new tires, quality should come first even if they are expensive. High priced quality tires spell out dependability and safety for the riders.
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What To Look For In A Used Car - Tires

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When purchasing a second hand car it is handy to know different areas of the vehicle to check. In this article we will look at tires, those all important round things that are the only things keeping you on the road.
Tread depth
The amount of tread left on the tires will let you know how long till they will likely need replacing and also about the driver of the car. If the tires are bald then it could be a sign that the car is driven hard or that the owner of the vehicle does not care about maintenance of the car. Tires can be quite expensive to replace, so if they look like they are getting low on tread, factor this into the price you are willing to pay for the vehicle.
Tire size
Are the size of the tire fitted to the car legal? In some locations there are restrictions on the size of tires that can be fitted to particular cars. Check that the tires on the car are within legal guidelines.
Tire pressure
Once you buy a car make sure that the tires have the correct pressure in them. There should be a sticker in one of the front doors or glovebox which states the correct inflation pressure for the car. If the pressure is low it can adversely affect the handling of the car. If it is too high it can cause the tires to wear in the middle.
Tires are important and should be looked after with regular inspection for damage and to ensure that they are correctly balanced.
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