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Choose Good Summer Car Tires

At some point or the other, one needs to replace their car tires. This ensures safety and also enhances the handling ability and fuel economy of the car. Tires should be inspected regularly for wear and tear, preferably by professionals. A general rule of thumb is: If the tread depth has worn to 1/16 mm (2/32"), it is time for a replacement.
The all-season tires are marked as M+S which stands for mud and snow. They are made for spring and winter weather conditions. That apart; there is a numeric code (for e.g. 175/70R13 82T) which signifies the width in millimeters, as well as the aspect ratio and tire's load and speed rating etc.
The new replacement tires should also have these same numbers except for the last letter that indicates the tire's speed rating. Letters like T, H and S etc indicate the speed limits that should not be crossed when using these tires. The higher the number preceding this letter, indicates a more stable and rigid tire at high speeds. Naturally, you also need to pay more for such tires.
If you live in a region where summers tend to get extremely hot, then summer tires are a must. Such tires are made with special compounds that allow for better grip on heated roads. Summer tires also enhance the performance and handling efficiency at the same time, keep the car safe by improving the braking and handling aspects.
That apart, the summer tires must also be able to handle the weight of the vehicle. So, the new tires should not be undersized. For most cars and vans, the diameter change of plus/minus 3 percent is acceptable. For SUVs and pickup trucks the engineering can handle a 15 percent oversized tires. For the sake of convenience, tire manufacturers have come up with Plus Sizing, which accounts for available sizes in tires and wheels. Based on this, one can choose the right tire width for adequate load bearing capability. Many websites have a convenient feature of allowing you to enter the make, model and year of your car based on which you are recommended the correct tire size. The owner's manual may also guide you on the right sizing of summer tires and many times this information is stamped on the door jam or gas cap.
Finally, before purchasing the tires, one must always consider the worst weather conditions that one might need to drive in. Based on this, one can choose all weather tires or purchase separate sets of wheels for the summer or snow.
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