Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Useful and Interesting Information About Car Tires

The car tires are very important for the performance of your car. Therefore, you should find the best way to maintain them properly and also what to look for when choosing new tires for your car. In that article, I will give some basic information about the tires, which will explain you the basics of those car parts.
  • When you pay a visit to your local car store, you will notice that there are 3 main types of car tires available there - good, better and best. Those grades refer to the mileage of those tires. The main difference between those grades is the fact that with good car tires, you can drive up to 40000 miles, with better car tires you can drive 50000 miles and with best car tires -100000 and more.
  • There are different grades available for SUVs and light trucks, because they depend on the load rating of the particular vehicle. If you notice that some of the SUV tires you are looking to buy have C rating, this means that the maximum inflation pressure of those tires is 35 pounds per square inch. With D and E rated SUV tires, the maximum inflation pressure is as follows 60 and 80 pounds per square inch.
  • When you buy performance tires, do not expect them to last for long period of time. The reason for that is the fact that to achieve performance, the tire manufacturers had sacrificed the durability of those tires. Usually, with your performance tires, you can drive up to 50000 miles, but they will rapidly improve the handling, steering and braking capabilities of your vehicle.
  • There are some recommended tire rotation patterns available for the different types of vehicles and you should check your vehicle's manual to find out, which is the best among them for your model. Furthermore, in most of the websites of the largest car manufacturers, you will find a lot of really useful tips about how to improve the performance and the life duration of your car tires. The simplest rotation pattern available today involves rotating the tires on the drive train with the others every 5000 miles. That way, you will improve the duration of the tire's life and when you have to replace them, you will have to replace all 4 instead of just 2.
With all this information you are now ready to pick the best tires for your car. Still there is a lot more to learn.
If you want to keep reading about tires, follow this link and check out this article.
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Information About Car Tires


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