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Car Salesman Reveals Negotiating Tips

Shopping for a used car? Searching for a great deal? Have you ever bought something and wondered later if you got a deal or got taken? Shopping for a used car is perhaps the most nerve racking process. Nobody likes it. Everyone wants to find a bargain when they shop for a used car and many people have no idea how to do it. I have worked in the auto industry for over 10 years. I will show you how to get a great deal.
If you are reading this article then you have a computer. Use your computer to do some basic research. You can use sites like Ebay, Auto Trader, Cars to find prices for the kind of car you are shopping for. You can also use Kelly Blue Book or NADA. Just enter the kind of car you want into the search bar. Most sites rank the results by price. Try and form an average price or price range you can expect to pay for the car you are shopping for. When you are evaluating whether a particular car is a good or great deal you take your average price and adjust it to the condition of the car you are looking at. Take into account mileage and condition. Lower mileage cars sell for higher prices. You can use 15,000 miles as an average per year to figure if the car you are looking at is considered high or low mileage.
Say your looking at a 2003 model. That means the car is 5 years old and the average mileage would be 75000 miles. Take into account if the owner lives in the city or county. City drivers drive less and country drivers drive more. You must also access the overall mechanical and cosmetic condition of the car. Does it need repairs? How much will they cost? What is the condition of the paint, carpets seats? Form an estimate of needed repairs and cosmetic work needing to be done and then adjust up or done from the price range you found earlier. You are now an educated consumer. A car dealers worst nightmare! You can use what you learned at home to negotiate a great deal by applying some common sense. Most car dealers know that consumers have no idea what the value of a used car is worth. Tell the dealer or individual what you think the value of the car is and why you feel that way. This is called negotiating!
If you want to find a bargain you have to work a little harder. Where do you find a bargain? Just ask the dealer. Many times the dealer has a car that he has had for a while. The dealer will want to sell the car at a substantial discount to free up some cash. You have to find out why he has had it awhile. Many times it was never detailed or serviced properly. If this is the case offer him a very low price. You already know the price range from your research. If it is a car that you have not researched then go home and do the research. The same is true from an individual. He or she may just be tired of the whole "Sell it yourself" process and be willing to let their car go cheap. Look for these type of deals and you will end up with a bargain. You can also consider a higher than average mileage car if you do not drive a lot. Higher mileage cars sell at a discount. Lets say a 2 year old car has 40,000 miles. This is 10,000 or so higher than average. It will sell for $1000's less. Now lets say you drive 10,000 per year and keep it 2 years. The car will have 40,000 plus 20,000 or 60,000 miles. The average at this time would be 60,000. A 4 year old car should have 60,000 miles. Just what your car has on it. You bought it as a high mileage car and trade it in as a average mileage car. You just made money!
These are just two ways to get a great deal when shopping for a used car. Do the research, apply some common sense, use a few insider secrets and you will get a bargain.
Mike Barrett owns Barrett and Sons Used Cars in Milledgeville, Georgia.
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