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Fastest Production Car - Facts About the Fastest Car in the World

So who makes the fastest production car? Well that would be the car manufacturer named Bugatti. To be more precise it was Volkswagen that kept that company alive so crediting them of their work is a must. The fastest production car is none other than the Bugatti Veyron, this car is a monster when it comes to speed. The Bugatti could just outrun almost every car on the planet not to mention it can beat other types of aircraft.
What makes this car so fast is that it has an enormous engine coupled with its slippery aerodynamic. Those two combinations alone can propel this car to more than 200 mph, but theres more to it than that. The reason why this car is such an amazing car is that it is it engineered to perfection. Let start off with the engine. The engine is an 8 liter W-16 which has 4 turbo. A W engine is basically a two V8 or V6 combined together. With an outstanding 8 liters and 16 cylinders, already the engine can produce an enormous amount of power. But the Volkswagen engineers didn't stop there; moreover, they added four turbos and each has a boost of 10 psi. So all in all the power the engine produces is a massive 1001 horsepower. Thats a lot of power and to put down to the ground. They had to use all whee drive and special tire made by Michelin to cope with the volcanic power.
It isn't just the engine that is astonishing, but its transmission as well. Forgive me if I get a bit technical because this requires me to explain in a detailed matter with technicalities. Ok, if you have that much power flowing through the crankshaft obviously you need a gearbox that can handled that sort power. It is almost impossible for a car manufacturer to develop such an gearbox that can handle 1000 hp let alone last for 10 to 20 years. So VW turned to Formula 1 engineers to have them make a gearbox for them that can handle the power of the engine. And after trials and error they have made a gearbox capable of harnessing the power of the engine. The gearbox is a computer controlled system and its similar to that of an F1 car gearbox. Then it has a 7 speed flappy paddle shifter and it has a dual clutch. So what does this all have to do to make the car even faster. Well with this gearbox it not only harnesses the power, but also makes shifting faster. About 0.2 second, thats how fast it can shift and with its all wheel drive configuration this car just pounds the pavement with a massive torque.
The Bugatti Veyron also has one of the most slippery aerodynamic body that can slice through air easily, and also it has a wing that can generate huge amount of down force. Even with an all carbon fiber body. This car still weights more than most almost any car out there. The Veyron weights about 4,300 pounds, yet the car can go in such speed that almost all the supercars are left trailing. To coped with the heat that Goliath like engine produces along with the 4 turbochargers, the Veyron needed at least 10 radiators. 3 to cool down the huge wing and 7 to cool the engine itself. Talk about overkill and to add more pizzazz, this car can stop from 250 mph to 0 in 10 seconds. All of it is due to the huge wing and the superb brakes.
All of those synthesized together you make an incredibly super fast car. Just take a look at its performance figures. this car can go from zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds and on your way up to 250 mph if you keep that foot flat out. This car is capable of transcending 250 mph, but the engineers stayed at that speed because of safety reason. When the wing is up, this car can handle almost better than many of the supercars that have less power and less weight. For a car that weights almost as much as a Hummer that is amazing.
This car was made to illustrate what can be done with the future of technology and engineering. This car depicts what can be done using the latest and greatest tools of today. This car was made to stretch the boundaries of what can possibly be done in the automobile industry.
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Fastest Production Car


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