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Get Ready to Install Your Car DVD, Seven Great Tips For DIY Installers Guaranteed to Work

So you've grown tired of the limited capabilities of your car stereo. You want something with a pounding bass; great, crunchy mids and a crisp, clear top end... and you would also like some monitors in the car for a backing device
Perhaps it's your first time taking on such an endeavor but that doesn't mean you want to go to any places that install DVD players in your car.
While car audio equipment and car DVD installation can be a long and treacherous road for the novice, it can be a rewarding one as you get to experience the fruits of your labor on a daily basis.
So before you look for places that install DVD players in your car or call a car DVD installation service because you can't find any information on how to install a mobile DVD player in a car you might want to read these seven tips. They could save a lot of drama when you do a DIY car DVD installation.
Tip Number 1, do your homework.
Before anybody starts on any serious venture the first thing they need to do is some sort of preparation. Installing a car DVD is no exception and it is always wise to do some research, get information on installing a car DVD player and then make a plan before going anywhere near a toolbox.
The first step in preparing for an installation is to do some research to find out what you need to know before doing the installation.
Read the instruction book for tips and instructions for installing in dash car DVD player into cars, regardless whether you're just installing a portable DVD player in a car or doing a DVD and car alarm installation.
While it may sound girly to read instructions before doing an install of a DVD player in a car it will guarantee that you understand how the component works and what wires you need to put where in order to get it to work in your car... it will also help if you need to ask the vendor for help and you can explain the problem in more detail than 'there was a funny smell and "it didn't work properly".
Just reading and understanding the manual is likely to be enough if you are just installing a DVD player into an existing unit but this will only be the first step if you are trying to do a DVD car alarm installation, or if you are installing a completely new car audio system.
If you are doing more than just installing portable DVD player in your car you might want to go online to see what tips you can find there.
First look at sites online that have information on installing a car DVD player. They will have information on how to install a system with DVD player for a car, as well as helping you with things like:
  • Guides,
  • Glossaries,
  • Step by step instructions,
  • Car DVD players install guides
  • Links to car audio installation DVDs
  • Wiring plans designed for your model of the car.

Once you have visited these sites and finding information on installing a car DVD player you may find you still have some more specific questions on how to install a mobile DVD player in a car. These can usually be solved by a member of a car audio forum, of which several can be found online.Once you have done your research you may think you are ready to start installing the car DVD player. However it might be a good idea to make a plan before you take this step.
Tip Number 2:
Another thing to consider, especially if you are installing a subwoofer, is to glue your license plate to the bracket with silicon. This will stop it shaking and will prevent any unwanted interest from the long arm of the law.
Tip Number 3: Give yourself enough time and space to get the job done?
It normally takes up to two days for a professional to do a good car DVD installation job so you should give yourself the same time period of uninterrupted access to the car.
It is also important to give yourself the space to do the job. You need enough to be able to remove the interior of the car, lay out the components in a logical pattern and then put them back in. Working in a cluttered space makes it too easy to loose things or get confused.
Tip Number 4: Solder wires to each other, don't just twist or fold them together.
Soldering wires together helps the signals transfer much better and will make it much less likely for connections to break if you spend a lot of time driving on rough roads.
Soldering is easy to do and kits can be purchased easily and cheaply from most hardware or electrical stores.
Tip Number 5: Mount speakers and screens onto a surface that can support them.
Most of the humming bass lines you hear coming out of cars today has come from a rear tray that cannot support the two six-by-nine-inch speakers that have been mounted in it, which then creates the rattly bass sound. Replace the tray, and anywhere else you plan on installing large speakers into, with something more solid.
Tip Number 6: Make the earth wire as short as possible.
If you install a decent car stereo you are probably going to want an amplifier to make sure it doesn't get affected by the engine's workload. This will mean you will need to earth the stereo unit.
It is important to make sure you attach the earth to the chassis at the closest point possible and make the earth wire as short as possible to reduce the amount of voltage it eats up.
Tip Number 7: Put speaker signal wires and speaker power wires on different sides of the car.
You may think it would be a good idea to run the power wire for a speaker directly beside the signal wire. It is easy to do and it looks tidy after all. However by doing this you are creating inductance; a magnetic field which, if close enough to the signal wire. This reduces the signal that gets through to the speaker and causes the speaker to produce static.
This can be avoided simply by running your signal and power cables down opposite sides of the car. If you can't do this then try to keep the wires as far apart as possible. If you follow these seven steps it should make your life a little easier. Good luck and happy motoring.
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