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Buying A Used Car - A Guide

If you need to buy a cheap used car but don't want to settle for the worst bomb on the car lot, you need to put together your own used car buying guide. Do your research and find out what make and model best suits your needs, where you can find the best deal and what you should know about the mechanics of an automobile. Some well timed shopping can save you a bundle when it comes time to negotiate a deal. In this article, we'll reveal the secrets used car salespeople don't want you to know and teach you how to take advantage of them to get the best used car deal.
Gathering information geared specifically toward makes and models that interest you will serve as the ultimate used car buying guide too. Read independent reviews, find out what the trade-in value is and check for recalls. The best place to start your research is on the manufacturer's web site. When you're actually looking at the vehicle in person, make sure the used car has never been in an accident, has not had the odometer rolled back and that its performance is up to standard. It's also important to know whether the car has ever been used as a taxi or rental car. Those vehicles take a beating and are a poor option for used cars. Stay away from cars with rust and holes, electrical problems and engine faults. You should also check the quality of the brakes, tires and the interior. The cost of any repairs needed should be deducted from the asking price of the vehicle. Make sure the dealership stands behind its quality assurance policies.
When it comes to buying a used car, timing is everything so use your calendar as a used car buying guide. The best time to buy a used car or truck is on a Monday night. The end of the month is also a prime time to find a good used car deal. Car dealers, sales managers and salespeople have to make monthly quotas, so they are more easily persuaded to negotiate with customers late in the month. The end of the year is perhaps the best time to buy used cars cheap - especially if you're looking for a relatively new used car. This is because the new models are coming in and car dealers want to get rid of the last year's stock. At the end of the year, most sales managers are likely to accept almost any reasonable deal that you offer them.
Purchasing a used vehicle doesn't have to cost a lot of money. You can get a used car cheap if you're willing to take your time and assemble a used car buying guide that meets your needs. Invest some time comparison shopping and wait for just the right moment to approach a salesperson. Waiting can help you take advantage of a good sale or promotion because you'll be able to negotiate the price down even more. Patience is always a virtue - especially when you're hoping to scoop up a great used car at a great price.
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