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Discover Why You Should Buy A Used Car Part 4

After sorting out the car and inspecting it, now you have to put in its paces, that means the test driving the car itself. This is also important because this test will tell you if theres something wrong with the car. Make sure that if its possible to test the car by yourself and not with the car salesman with you. The reason to this is that the salesman will try and intrude you from concentrating in finding a fault in the car your testing. The salesman will probably keep talking to you as you drive and by doing so will prevent you in taking notice on how the car drives and feel, and also listening how the car sounds. If the car salesman insist on coming and its futile to tell him off, then you have no choice but to conform to his demand. There is a solution to this though, you can ask him to sit in the back and tell him to shut his yapper. If this is unattainable then go off somewhere else, because this salesman is preventing from testing the car thoroughly.
Ok, so you coaxed the annoying salesman not to come then its time for the test drive. Here's what you want to do when your test driving it:
- Obviously you make sure that the car you chose is practical and easy to get in and out.
- When driving the car, listen to the cars interior to make sure theres no rattling noises.
- Make sure that the car is driving smoothly and is absorbing the undulation and bumps easily.
- Easy access for the controls and make sure everything works.
- 1st major test is the brakes. To test this make sure theres a long straight and no cars behind you. Then accelerate all the way up to 40mph then abruptly stepping on the brakes. The car should decelerate smoothly and immediately, moreover, the car shouldn't swerve left or right.
- Accelerating the car should be a breeze and no lagging occurring. All gears if its a manual should shift smoothly and trouble free, it should be the same for an automatic gearbox.
- Steering is also important, to check this obviously you'll turn the car left or right. Turn the steering wheel and it should change precipitously, if theres free play then that could indicate a problem.
- When testing for the suspension and alignment you should know a winding road with bumps and undulation. When you go through the bumps, theres shouldn't be any rattling noises and it shouldn't feel like a rough ride after running over the bumps. The alignment can be tested when your in a straight road. Accelerate the car then take your hands of the steering wheel. The car should go straight if not then theres problems with alignment or tires.
Follow these simple procedures in evaluating the cars qualities and you should know after the test drive if the car is worth purchasing. This is a comprehensive test, and this test will dispel your doubts about the car your buying.
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