Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Do I Find a Good Used Car?

A good used car is one that has had a vehicle history report run and been found free of flood damage, frame damage, whose odometer has not been rolled back and has consistent odometer reading intervals.
Accident indicators are not necessarily reason to rule it out as all this means is that there was a police report taken on a fender bender however further investigation should be conducted to be sure there was/is not any frame damage.
One that has been checked for and serviced as needed for tune-up, oil lube and filter changed, brakes must (have minimum 50% life left), shocks and struts (must be firm and not leaking), belts checked, hoses checked, electrics (no shorts, alternator is charging battery properly, battery and cables in good condition), exhaust system free of leaks, mounted properly and catalytic converter(s) in good order.
One whose tires are all the same size and brand, except when OEM (original equipment by manufacturer) calls for different sizes, tires have at least 50% of tread on them are worn evenly and are inflated to correct psi (pounds per square inch).
Then clean it, wash it, buff it, shampoo it, put a little dog with its little head bouncing up and down on the back window ledge, hang an air freshener, a Cross, pair of dice, Rosary, Star of David, American flag, graduation tassels, or anything else you can think of on the rearview mirror (after checking with your local authorities and motor vehicle laws to be sure the item or items are not considered obstructions and no we will not be held liable), smack it on the ass and there you have it: A Good Used Car!
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