Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Make the Most of Your Used Car Listings

Rather than searching for car dealers to sell the used car for you, why don't you sell it yourself?
Here are the steps for your successful used car listing:
1) Set the price - Determine a competitive market value of your used car. Second hand car values could be found on your local classified ads for similar cars being sold and on certified used car dealership online.
Determine the minimum price you would accept for possible negotiations. Be aware that buyers do their research and having a lower price than others would generate more inquiries.
When your price has been set, consider the most attractive ad to publicize.
2) Groom the vehicle - For buyers, appearance is everything. Make sure that before you place an advertisement; inspect your used car inside and out. To make the most profit, take care of minor and major maintenance issues of the vehicle.
3) Prepare vehicle record - Presenting the buyers with complete maintenance logs and receipts is a powerful selling tool. Prepare paperwork of services done such as oil change, tire and battery replacement and warranties for each.
4) Obtain a car history report - To show that the used car has a clean record with the law and past accidents, purchase a car report from your local department of motor vehicles. The biggest fear of buyers is purchasing a used car that has been in a wreck. The car history report would reveal if the vehicle has been in a major collision in the past.
5) The advertisement - Ad options include newspaper classifieds, magazines or online listings. However, the most cost-effective and useful tool for marketing is by placing an online ad.
* Photo: Although majority of car listings online do not require photos, eighty-five percent of used car buyers search for car listing with photos.
* Details: Provide a complete description of your car even if you have uploaded a photo. Use extra details and words that would grab the buyers' attention. Do not forget to place a contact number to be reached.
6) Sell - Since you know your car's worth, negotiate a fair price. To finalize the sale, you should have two copies of the bill of sale, a receipt that transfers ownership of the car, for you and the buyer.
Once you sold your used car, you'll be glad you made the most out of your car listing since there was no car dealer involved and all the profit is yours.
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