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The Safest Cars on the Road

When you go car shopping you are probably dazzled by the sports cars or even the
big burly SUVs as well as the shiny colors and whether or not the vehicle is fully
loaded. Frequently, you will hear people talking about what car they want to buy and
will hear them mention things like leather seats, a great sound system, DVD players
and mini TV screens, great rims and other similar features. However, unfortunately,
you do not frequently hear people talking about the safety rating of the vehicle and
how well it performed in crash tests or if it has recently been recalled. For some
reason Americans are more consumed with how comfortable and cool their car is
and makes them rather than how safe it can keep them. However, even if consumers
are not overly interested in safe cars insurance companies are.
Insurance companies focus on keeping people safe, reducing accidents, and
ultimately the amount of money they have to pay out for coverage. So, safe cars are
the pick of the litter so to speak for insurance companies. They are so favored, in
fact, that insurance companies frequently offer discounts to individuals who buy
safe cars resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings each year on premiums. Safe
does not mean the car is unattractive or without all the extras you want, so get it
out of your head that safe does not equal cool.
And while the trend may not change and people will continue to look for cool cars,
they should keep in mind that there are indeed cool cars that are also safe cars.
Each year a rating list of the top 25 safest cars is produced and if you are in the car
buying market you should definitely take a peak and see if the car you are
interested in buying is on that list. If not, check out the other safe cars that did
make the list and see if you can find something that is equally cool and considerably
safer. The following cars made it on the safe car list and also have some amazing
features that will please even the pickiest car connoisseur.
Upscale Cars
If you are interested in and can afford an upscale car and are also concerned about
safety, then you should consider the Audi A4 or perhaps the BMW 330i. The Lexus
ES300 also ranked high in the crash tests and overall safety in the upscale sedan
Small Cars
Small cars that rank high on the top 25 safety car list include the Volkswagen golf
and Honda Civic which received the top honors. Another safe car in this category
includes the Volkswagen Jetta.
Midsize Cars
Volkswagen also took the top prize in the midsize category with the Volkswagen
Passat GLX 6.0. The Nissan Altima and Subaru Legacy also ranked high in the mid
size family sedan category.
Everyone thinks pickup trucks are safe, however some are safer than others and
generally pick up trucks are not as safe as cars. In the top 25 safest cars the Toyota
Tundra SR5 4.7, Ford F150 XLT 5.4, and the Dodge Ram SLT 4.7 ranked higher and
safer than the rest.
Minivans and SUVs
The minivan and SUV category have an interesting array of really safe vehicles and
then some that are hazards to drivers and passengers. Minivans that responded well
in the tests include the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey EX, and the Mazda MPV. The
safest SUVs include the Lexus RX300, Toyota Highlander, and the Saturn VUE as well
as others.
Of course, you could choose to buy a safe vehicle and still be injured in an accident.
This is because there is no perfect car that is constructed in a way that it can protect
you 100%. However, there are plenty of cars that are significantly safer than others
and as a result consumers should pay attention to these cars. Fortunately, some of
the safer models are actually very stylish and come with the latest gadgets and
features so many people are looking for in a new car. So, no matter if you want the
coolest car on the market you can still find one that is rated high in the safety
category. Honda, Lexus, BMW, Saturn, Volkswagen, and others all ranked high in
their respective categories and are all very popular car models. Also, cars today are
significantly safer than they were even 15 years ago and tires are safer as well.
If you buy a used vehicle that is 10-15 years old you can rest assured it will not
have the same safety qualities as new cars made today. The reason for this is safety
standards were different as well as the technology used to build the cars. As a
result, older cars simply are not as safe. The best option for your safety and that of
your family and other passengers is to buy a car that is ranked high on the safety
list and rest assured that if you are in an accident your car will protect you as much
as possible because it was designed with safety in mind. By making safety one of
the qualities you look for in a vehicle, even above price or design, you are choosing
to protect yourself and your family, which is the best decision you can possibly
make. Remember to take a look at the top 25 list before you start car shopping. Not
only are the top 25 cars in all categories listed, but some of the worst cars are listed
as well so you will know what to avoid. Happy car shopping!
Steven Anderson is the Marketing Director for Hawaiian Discount Car Rentals ( He has personally researched and experienced many of the Hawaiian activities and as described above.
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